Sis and Big Pop’s Culture

Episode 20: Before that was a Trope, Brandy, and Bops

February 25, 2021

Join Sis and Big Pops for a talk about pop culture news fun things happening in movies, tv-shows, and comic books. Pops shares his pull list, he is enjoying the run of Thor right now written by Donny Cate, Orcs by Kaboom Studios, King in Black, and the end of DC Future State is near, he really likes Nightwing and Catwoman this week . What we’re bingeing right now, Sis is watching Dimension 20, a YouTube DnD campaign, Big Pops isn’t really watching anything specific at the moment. This week we read about the first appearance of the Black Panther when he arrived in The Fantastic Four comic. We also watched and reviewed the Disney movie, Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella. And we again end the episode with some WandaVision Spoilers, specifically, the big news about Photon and Agnes. Listen in for some Family-friendly nerd fun! This episode was originally recorded on 2/21/21. Check us out on twitter @sisnpopsculture

Spoiler notice: WandaVision Season 1 Ep 7.

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